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Report on Chinmaya Alankar Award: CV Kattakada

posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:49 by CCMT Education Cell

Master. Abhijith MI of class XI received Chinmaya Alankar National Award from CCMT Education Cell for the outstanding contribution in academics during the year 2021-22. Our chief guest of the Annual Day Dr. Raju Narayana Swamy IAS Secretary, Department of higher education Government of Kerala, honored Abhijith M I with Chinmaya Alankar
Award in the presence of Chief Sevak Sri. R Suresh Mohan on 22nd December 2022.

Report on Chinmaya Alankar Award: CV Vivekananda Colony

posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:46 by CCMT Education Cell

Miss Anusha Vernekaar and Miss Srushti Bujurkar, students of CV Vivekananda Colony Hubli were honored with the Chinmaya Alankar Award by the Central Chinmaya Mission Trust Education Cell for securing 5th rank to in the state in the SSLC examinations 2021 - 22. The awards were presented to the outstanding students during the religious celebration on Geeta Jayanti on 3rd December, 2022. Pujya Swami Krutatmanandaji and the management members presented the trophy and the certificate to the girls and blessed them.

Report on Chinmaya Alankar Award: CV Kannur

posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:42 by CCMT Education Cell

Three students of CV Kannur were bestowed with the Chinmaya Alankar award. Master. Akul Prasanth Class XII (2021-22) for winning Third Place in the National level Kalaripayattu Championship 2021 Urumi Veeshal held at
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, Kum. Neeraja Santhosh Kumar Class XI (2021-22) for securing First Rank in the Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan 2020 Examination aimed at educating and popularizing science among students (6-11) at State Level & Kum. Surya Gayathri Class IX (2021-22) for winning a Silver Medal at Junior Skills Championship 2021 Visual Merchandising, Group 2 National Skill Development Corporation in association with CBSE. The Alankar Awards were distributed by Chief Sevak Sri K.K. Rajan, Chinmaya Mission Kannur during the Investiture Ceremony held on 23rd July 2022.


Bharatiya Siksha Darshan A teacher's workshop for value based education

posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:32 by CCMT Education Cell

A Three-Day Workshop on Value Based Education was conducted in collaboration with Chinmaya Mission at Guwahati from 19 th to 21 st August 2022, for 210 Govt. Adarsh Vidyalaya teachers of Assam at Royal Global Auditorium. The workshop was inaugurated presence of Sri. Nani Gopal Mahanta, Advisor of Education dept, Govt of Assam, Swami Mitrananda & Sri. Amit Jain, President of Chinmaya Mission Guwahati. The dignitaries during their address emphasized that there is an urgent need to imbed values into the Education system. Swami Anukoolananda Zonal Director CCMTEC, Smt. Shanti Krishnamurthy Director CCMTEC, Smt. Meena Sriram, Academic  Administrator, CCMT Education Cell,      Smt. Rasika Bharatan, Retd. Principal, CV Kannur, Smt. Mikki Singh, Principal, CV Southpark, Jamshedpur, Smt. Elavarasi, Vice Principal CV, Virugambakkam higher secondary School, Chennai & Smt. Sonali Gupta from CV Bokaro were the
facilitators. The program ended with a valedictory function which was presided by Dr. Ranoj Pegu Education Minister, Govt. of Assam as chief guest. Mr. Pegu asserted that the primary purpose of education is to ensure dissipation of morality among students because it will help in creating a responsible citizen who will in turn form the bedrock of a civilized and successful society.

Report on CVP Induction Workshop at Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth

posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:28 by CCMT Education Cell

A one day session introducing the concept of the Chinmaya Vision Programme (CVP) was organized at the Chinmaya Eswar Gurukul (CEG) campus of Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV), in Kochi, on Tuesday, 6 th September, 2022. The workshop was led by Swami Anukoolananda Zonal Director and Smt. Shanti Krishnamurthy, Director CCMT - Education Cell. The workshop was held in a hybrid mode with 63 offline and 7 online delegates from CEG and Chinmaya Nada Bindu (CNBG), Pune campus, respectively. The objective was to provide the CVV faculty and staff with an overall
understanding and appreciation of Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s vision for education, the Chinmaya Education Movement, the need for such a program and also the components of the Chinmaya Vision Programme and the areas of its implementation.

Report on online Chinmaya Vision Program Workshop for New Teachers held on 19th & 20th September 2022

posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:24 by CCMT Education Cell

CCMT Education Cell Conducted online Chinmaya Parichaya Workshop for new teachers of Chinmaya Vidyalayas & Chinmaya Vision Schools. The Sessions were conducted by Swami Anukoolananda Zonal Director CCMTEC, Smt. Shanti Krishnamurthy Director CCMTEC, Smt. Rajeshwari Satish Principal CIRS, Smt. Mikki Singh Principal CV Bistupur, Smt. Bhuvaneshwari Academic Administrator CIRS, Kum. Anusri Patnaik Master Trainer VBCV Telco Colony & Smt. Meena Sriram Academic Administrator, anchored the program for both the days. The prayer was rendered by Music Teachers Ms.Rekha Rani of CV Kunnumpuram on day 1 and Ms.Neetu of CV Thrissur on day 2. Around 530 Teachers & new Principals from 46 Vidyalayas and 1 Vision School attended the session and benefited immensely from the same.

Report on KTPI Online Session 2022-23

posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:20 by CCMT Education Cell

A new series for the benefit of students opting KTPI in many of our Vidyalayas and other Vidyalayas was begun in August 2022 covering all of the chapters of Class 12 to facilitate students to comprehend the topics better. Six such talks were thus organized inviting experts in the field thus opening up a world of knowledge to the students who were also provided the opportunity to interact with the resource people and quench their thirst in the particular fields.                Dr. Sashikala Anantaraman spoke on Ancient Architecture, Sri Arjun Bharadwaj on Natya Sashtra, Swami Ramakrishnananda on Indian Ethics, Dr. Arun Surendran & Dr. Mahesh Gurukkal on Indian Martial arts, Dr Pramod Dinakar & Sri Srinath Mohan Das on Indian Education Systems &  Practices: A Survey and Smt. Parimala on Agriculture. Over 300 students for multiple schools participated and shared their appreciation on this initiative. All the teachers of KTPI from the participant schools also attended these talks and conveyed their appreciations. Smt Arunima from CBSE also attended one of the sessions and commended the great work done by the Education cell.

Chinmaya Netritva IX - 25th July to 30th July 2022

posted 12 Aug 2022, 22:00 by CCMT Education Cell   [ updated 12 Aug 2022, 22:06 ]

YouTube Video

CCMT Education Cell Organized Chinmaya Netritva IX – A Quality Leadership Empowerment Program, a six day workshop for New Principals & Senior teachers at Chinmaya Gardens, on 25th July to 30th July 2022. 22 Principals & 13 senior teachers from 30 CV’s & 1 Vision School, from 8 states participated in the session. Swamini Samprathistananda hoisted the Chinmaya Vidyalaya Flag and the session was inaugurated by Swami Anukoolananda Zonal Director CCMTEC, Swamini Samprathistananda Head of Chinmaya Gardens Coimbatore, Dr.Senthil Kumaran Head of The Learners Confluence, Shri.Subramanian, Co-trainer, Smt.Shanti Krishnamurthy Director CCMTEC & Smt.Rajeshwari Satish Principal, CIRS.

Dr Senthil Kumaran, Head of The Learners Confluence conducted sessions on TQM, 5S, NEP 2020 & My School, Framework for School Governance and Clean/Safe campus. Shri.Subramanian, co-trainer shared best practices of process approach, learning schools and collaborative climate in education institutions. His sessions covered many practical ideas with examples from all over the World leading to concrete action points that can ensure continuous improvement in the CVs. Participants had visited CIRS as part of their training. Swami Anukoolananda briefly explained about Need for a CVP. Participants had an interaction session with Swamini Vimalananda. Smt. Shanti Krishnamurthy spoke about the CCMT Education Cell Movement. Smt. Meena Sriram, Academic Administrator of CCMT Education Cell spoke on the Education cell initiatives and compliances. Participants also performed Paduka Pooja conducted by
Poojari Supriyo Chinmaya Gardens.

Report on Chinmaya Samshodhan Orientation Program

posted 28 Mar 2021, 21:06 by CCMT Education Cell

CCMT Education Cell organized online Chinmaya Samshodhan Orientation Program on 12 th March 2021 for teachers of Chinmaya Vidyalayas and Vision Schools. More than 299 principals & teachers attended the session. Smt. Shanti
Krishnamurthy Director, CCMT Education Cell explained about the research work that could be taken up by teachers in great depth with examples. Teachers also discussed with various topics and got guidance from the sessions.

Report on Life an Orientation Workshop for Chinmaya vidyalayas and Vision School Teachers: 3 rd March to 6 th March 2021.

posted 28 Mar 2021, 21:00 by CCMT Education Cell   [ updated 28 Mar 2021, 21:05 ]

CCMT Education cell organised a 4-day online orientation session on “Life an Aradhana” – the VE book series which was launched in Aug 2020 for Chinmaya Vidyalayas and Vision School teachers from 3 rd to 6 th March 2021.. The session was inaugurated by Swami Mitrananda from Chinmaya Mission, Chennai. Swamij explained the frame work of the book and also the need for creating an impact on children through the VE classes. Swami Anukoolananda Zonal director CCMT Education cell, Smt. Shanti Krishnamurthy, Director, CCMT Education cell, Br.Sanatan Chaitanya, the Spiritual guide, CIRS & Ms. Rohini Manohar, Ms.Vidhi Modi, Ms. Radha Narayan, Mrs Gayatri Panickar, Mrs Harsha the members of the Yuva Kendra Chennai chapter conducted the sessions. Nearly 1200 participants attended the sessions on all 4 days. The program was a grand success.


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