"Don't just invest on the child, also invest in the child. 'Investment on' gives outer prosperity. 'Investment in' ensures inner unfoldment and lasting prosperity. True education is 'investment on' the child complemented with 'investment in' the child. " - Swami Chinmayananda

Hari Om, Namaste! Swagatham, Welcome! We welcome you to have a glimpse of the Chinmaya Education Movement. We are proud and privileged to share with you the activities of our grand and global education movement. The Chinmaya Education Movement is one of the most important contributions of Chinmaya Mission to the society envisaged by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda. 

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda was a visionary. He knew that children are the cream of our generation and are the rulers and makers of tomorrow. Upon them, depends the future of our nation. He said, “I am sure that the Chinmaya Education Movement will serve as a spiritual workshop to mould and march-out the new generation of men and women, who will grow to have great moral stature and ethical beauty. " This strong foundation for the future of India had its humble beginnings at Kollengode- Kerala, way back in 1965 with a nursery school. Since then many lamps have been lit, and many hearts have been kindled. The movement as of now encompasses 92 Vidyalayas, 8 Colleges, 8 Vision Schools and an International Residential School. These institutions are governed by the CCMT Education Cell.

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10th September 2022 KTPI - Knowledge Series Talk  online Session 
19th & 20th September 2022 Online Chinmaya Parichaya 10th Sep 2022 last date  
19th to 21st Aug 2022 CVP orientation program  
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  • Report on Chinmaya Alankar Award: CV Kattakada Master. Abhijith MI of class XI received Chinmaya Alankar National Award from CCMT Education Cell for the outstanding contribution in academics during the year 2021-22. Our chief guest of ...
    Posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:49 by CCMT Education Cell
  • Report on Chinmaya Alankar Award: CV Vivekananda Colony Miss Anusha Vernekaar and Miss Srushti Bujurkar, students of CV Vivekananda Colony Hubli were honored with the Chinmaya Alankar Award by the Central Chinmaya Mission Trust Education Cell for securing ...
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  • Report on Chinmaya Alankar Award: CV Kannur Three students of CV Kannur were bestowed with the Chinmaya Alankar award. Master. Akul Prasanth Class XII (2021-22) for winning Third Place in the National level Kalaripayattu Championship 2021 ...
    Posted 2 Jan 2023, 23:42 by CCMT Education Cell
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