Inspiring and Life transforming                       book for Leaders   



A manual on Administrative Guidelines for CVs 


     A manual for Implementation of                         CVP in Schools


    Yearly Subscription Rs.100 

 Lifetime Subscription (15 years) Rs.1000

   First Compendium of a Decade of         Chinmaya Drishti    Rs.200   

         Second Compendium of

           Chinmaya Drishti  Rs. 200

  SWAD brochure 

(For admission applications) 


 CVP Creative Activity Book 

for class IV  and V   


For Educators, Administrators   

       and for all others in the field of

  Education   Rs.50  

  Vidyalaya Flag Rs.350     

  CVP Poster Rs.750

 Life -an Aradhana - Value Education book for Classes 1 to 10

1 set of books from Class 1 to 10

STD Rs.2650

History Book set for Classes 6,7,8 

Enchanting Chant books

Classes 1 to 4 Rs. 40/-

Classes 5 to 8 Rs.50/-

   Classes 9 to 12 Rs. 40/-