Vignana Goshti

A Science workshopA Seminar on Science was conducted by CCMT Education Cell from Dec. 2nd to 6th Dec, 2014, at CIRS, Coimbatore. 158 delegates from 67 CVs and Vision Schools participated in the event. To give a Holistic Science Education, various topics like  Science and Spirituality Science and Technology, Science through  Activities,  Science for High & Low Achievers, Science and CVP, Evaluation of Science, New Paradigm in Science  Science and Brain, Science in Ancient India, Teaching Science Beyond 2020 Projects in Science and Integrating Science with other, and Research Methodology.  The faculty consisted of luminaries like Padma Bhushan Prof Hegde (VC Manipal University and Dr Balasubramanian (ex-Diector CBSE) and many other experts. There were also fun-filled informal sessions like Science Games, Ayurvedic Quiz and Camp Fire, where all delegates bonded with the CV Science fraternity. Scientifically speaking, the Seminar achieved maximum results within minimum time and was efficient, effective and inspiring.


·        Science and Spirituality (Swamini Vimalananda)  

·        CVP and Science (Shri Ganesh and Shri Satish)

·        National Geographic Resources for Science teaching Demonstration (Shri Nimish Thaker)

·        Ayurveda and Science (Dr P Ram Monohar)

·        Science through Activities (Shri Surya Kumar)

·        Research in School and Research methodology  (Ms Sheela  M Krishnaswami)

·        Hands on Science activities (Shri Surya Kumar)

·        Teaching science -Beyond 2020 (Muhilan Pandian)

·        Games and Science

·        Science and Technology (Shri Surya Kumar)

·        Projects in Science (Dr Geeta Iyer)

·        Question paper setting and Evaluation (Dr Balasubramaniam)

·        Integrating Science with other subjects (Dr Geeta Iyer)

·        Science for high and low achievers (Shri Surya Kumar)

·        Science and Brain (Dr Preeti Sahota)

·        IT in Science Teaching (Dr Srivathsan)

·        Brain Sketch Analysis (Ms Archana Kakade & Ms Shilpa Risbud)

·        Science in Ancient India (Shri M Pramod Kumar)