Getting Started


Note: All forms and reports from 2017-18 onward will be accepted online only

Using Online Admin Center to turn-in all the mandatory forms and reports

To Access the Online Admin Center


STEP 1: Select KNOW-NET-WORK in the top menu and then click Online Admin Centre link as shown in the left.

STEP 2: When prompted for username password, use the credentials supplied by the CCMT-EC. After clicking Next, and entering pasword, the page should take you to the admin center page that gives you access to the forms and also aggregated status of all forms submitted by all Chinmaya Educational Institutions.

STEP 3: Click on the Submit Forms and Reports image you see. This should take you to the service that enables you to access all forms and report

STEP 4: Click on the Forms and Reports on top left. This should take you to a list of  forms and reports to be filled to register for camps,  annual consolidated report, membership & Divya Shri fund details. Each form has a title and a due date.    Please complete them by the indicated due date.

STEP 5: Click on the Camp title or Open.

Step 6: Click on the form, click next and fill in the participant details and submit.

Note: All camp forms allows you submit data of multiple participants.




Now, use the back button on the top left to go back to the list of forms you have to turn in.

Using Online Vidya

To Access the Online Admin Center

To ignite young minds with knowledge  & learning with thought-leading content, CCMT-EC has provided a number of valuable resources, recordings from the very many Ghostis, to Shikshas, to Sangams that have been organized over the course of the years, alll a click away. Use these resources to further your schools goals.

Note: All content access in the online vidya center is restricted to only Chinmaya Educational Institutions. DO NOT USE public computers to access these resources, since they are confidential materials for Chinmaya Vidyalayas use only!

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