Priyanka, CV RS Puram, Coimbatore wins Gold in Common Wealth, Chess

Post date: Dec 22, 2017 5:49:41 AM

As a child of eight, Priyanka loved trophies and medals. She was intuitively inspired by winners, and would often resolve to work hard to win some for herself. That this Chess Queen has so far played over 300 tournaments and won many a big trophy and medal, goes to show that her resolve and hard work were true and deep.

            Priyanka started playing chess when she was eight. The very next year, our smart and ambitious girl demonstrated her first signs of promise. She won a gold medal in the group event and a silver at the individual event in the Under 9 Asian Chess tournament held at Colombo, Sri Lanka. With her continued and enthusiastic efforts, Priyanka played at the 2011 World Youth Chess Championship at Caldas Novas, Brazil.

            Unfortunately, Priyanka lost her father in 2012 and had to be away from chess for 5 months.  Like a Memphis rising from the ashes, she bounced back with a bang and participated in the Under 14 World Youth Chess Championship at Al Ain, UAE. Ever since then, Priyanka, has been working sincerely towards becoming the Youngest Woman Grand Master. She has dedicated herself to satisfying the norms for it with an exemplary performance at every opportunity. In this, she is guided by the understanding that the source of all success is the dedicated performance of duty. The result is her achievements in numerous tournaments. For example, Priyanka held the 3rd place in the Under 15 Sub Junior Championship in 2015. She won the first place in the International Federation Open Chess Championship.

            “Man – made plans are not sure to succeed, except when they are in line with His plans”. It was perhaps His, Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s plan to bring Priyanka into His family and take her at to greater heights. Priyanka joined Chinmaya Vidyalaya, R.S Puram in 2015-16 in class 9.  With her tenacious efforts and precious support of the school Principal, Smt. Meera Jackson, the school teachers and her own mother, she continued to win trophies at various events like the

1.     Asian Youth Chess Championship at in Mongolia

2.     Grand Master International Tournament in Orissa

3.     Grand Master International Tournament at Mumbai

4.     World Junior Under 20 Tournament in Orissa

5.     World Youth Under 16 Tournament in Russia

6.     Asian Junior Under 20 Tournament at New Delhi

In class 10,.  though Priyanka could hardly attend her classes, she studied diligently with faith and scored 90% in the matriculation board examination.

            With a calm and stable mind, Priyanka faces all challenges, and gives everything her best. Despite her stunning achievements, she has remained humble and grateful for the talent and opportunities she has been gifted in her life..

            Perhaps because of these special qualities of hers, in July 2017, Priyanka won her greatest achievement yet - the Gold medal at the Commonwealth Chess Championship in the Under 16 Women’s category. She scored 5.5 out of 7 points. Unaffected by this truly great achievement, she still works towards her ultimate goal of becoming a Women’s International Master. Our princess of 64 squares, with her talents, determination, commitment and hard work is a true role model for others and a most fitting recipient of the Chinmaya Gaurav Award.