Krida Sangam

Seminar on Physical EducationNinety-five players (Physical Education teachers) from fifty-two Chinmaya Vidyalayas, two Chinmaya Colleges and three Vision Schools arrived on the field (CIRS, Coimbatore) for Krida Sangam- a Seminar on Physical Education for a 5 day - as one player described “wonderful never before played game”. The game was flagged off by Siddhappaji - a 93 year old dynamic sports teacher whose secret of success is ‘his passion to serve children of India through the medium of sports’. Dr.Vaidyanathan unfolded the Role of Physical Education in the overall development of the personality, Dr.Natrajan stretched their imagination through Yoga, Dr.Jyoti set the rhythm through Aerobics, Gymnastics and Partner Exercises, Dr.Alagesan took up the challenging task of making girls and the differently abled players physically fit and also gave them Competition tips. Dr.Pushparajan treated everyone to Sports Medicine, Shiva Shanmugam dared them into playing adventure games and Rishiji and Kirtiji inculcated values through Value Games. The players went to Maruti College of Physical Education for a Sports Infrastructure inventory, CIRS sports department quizzed them on sports and Dr.Akhila improved their Academic Performance through Games. Dr.Sai Kumar explored various Sports Careers. Dr Deshpande charted out a Sports Curriculum and made all feel proud of being Indian with “Be Indian, play Indian (games)”. Shri Chinnaswami ‘broke the brick’ with Indian Martial Arts. Dr.Gopinath went on a Physical Fitness drive for all, played many Indoor and Outdoor Games and coached all in Athletics.

    Swami Vimalananda visualized and guided the game, CCMT-EC organized it, and CIR sports department with head coach Durairajan prepared the field. The ‘fine and fit’ players reveled in the 5 day Krida ( 9-13th Dec) with all turning out winners, ready to share their laurels and learnings with their young wards(Vidyalaya students) back home. The mountains applauded the game and the heavens once more showered their blessings on all. It was truly a ‘Sangam’ of ‘Krida’, by Krida for the cause of Krida!


·        Values and Sports (Swamini Vimalananda)

·        Physical Fitness Programme  for girls & Challenged Children (Dr Alagesan & Dr Akhila)

·        Sports Medicine (Dr Pushparajan)

·        CVP in Sports (Swamini Vimalananda)

·        Sports Careers (Dr. Ch. V.S.T. Saikumar)

·        Sportsmen with a difference (Swamini Vimalananda)

·        Remedial Programme for slow learner through Physical Education (Dr Ahila)

·        Phy.Education during Monsoons and Indoor Games (Dr Gopinathan)

·        Conducting Competitions -intramural and extramural (Dr Alagesan)

·        Aerobics, Gymnastics and Partner Exercise (Dr Jyoti)