Seminar on Behavioral and Career CounsellingManodharma – Seminar on Behavioural and Career Counselling was conducted by CCMT Education Cell from December 10 to 14, 2012 at CIRS, Coimbatore. The seminar was described as ‘brilliant’, ‘cent percent result’ and ‘par excellent’ by the delegates.

Those who made it so inspiring and enriching were Swamini Vimalananda, Dr. Sweta Adatia (Neurologist), Dr. Sangeetha Madhu (Psychiatrist & Clinical Psychologist), Smt. Kirti Bakshi (Counselling psychologist & Psychotherapist), Shri. Naresh Kokal (Graphologist) and dr. Meena Behrani (Psychiatrist). Topics covered included Swabhava and Swadharma, Harmony in Relationships, Whole Brain Thinking, Career Counselling, Child Development, Body Language, Handwriting reading, Conflicts in Children, Effective Communication and ADD and Dyslexia. Special sessions on Ashtavadhanam (Dr. Kalai Chezhan), Paduka Puja, camp fire, movie and quiz time enlivened the evenings and made them eventful.


·        Child Development (Dr Sangeetha  Madhu)

·        Kavanagam Ashtavadhan (Kalai Chezian)

·        Svabhava & Svadharma (Swamini Vimalananda)

·        Child Mental Health (Dr Sangeetha  Madhu)

·        Graphology (Naresh Kokal)

·        Conflicts and Children (Kirti Bakshi)

·        Brain Mapping and Career Councelling (Dr Shweta Adatia)

·        Communication (Kirti Bakshi)

·        Stress Management (Kirti Bakshi)

·        ADD and Dyslexia (Dr Meena Behrani)

·        Introduction to Thinking (Dr Shweta Adatia)

·        Goal Setting (Swamini Vimalananda)

·        Harmony in Relations (Swamini Vimalananda)

·        Whole Brain Thinking (Dr Shweta Adatia)

·        Personal Leadership (Kirti Bakshi)

·        Body Language (Naresh Kokal)

·        Extraordinary  Thinking (Dr Shweta Adatia)

·        Handling Emotions (Swamini Vimalananda)