Sutantra Goshti – A seminar on IT

Post date: Dec 22, 2017 5:59:19 AM

96 delegates from 52 CVs and Vision Schools participated with great zeal in Sutantra Goshti (Seminar on IT for CVs) organized by CCMTEC at CIRS, Coimbatore from Dec. 4 to 8, 2017. Swami Vimalananda inaugurated the seminar emphasising the influence and the all pervading role and exponential growth of IT and its effect on education. She also inspired all on Spirituality and IT. Other experts and their topics were  - Dr.Rajaram Sharma (ICT Curriculum), Supreeth Nagaraju (Past, Present and Future of IT in India), Shri Sudhakar Ramakrishnan (Past, Present and Future of IT in the world), Shiv Dewan & team (Careers in IT), Shri Anant Mani (Role of IT Dept), Dr.Sundaram (Robotics), Shri Adil Jahangir Mirza (Technology in learning: lever or a brake?),  Dr.Sunitha Shanker, (Positive and Negative effect of IT on school students), Dr.Shweta Adatia, (Brain & IT) and CIRS IT teachers – (CVP in IT, Assessment and evaluation, IT apps & webs). In the end the delegates pledged to avoid misuse and use of IT and Computer Science and fulfil their responsibility as tech savvy Chinmaya educators.