Chinmaya Vision Programme-Master Trainers' Program – II & III

Post date: Aug 08, 2017 6:51:2 AM

After the successful CVP Master Trainers’ Program (MTP-I) for Tamil Nadu CVs in February, MTP-II and MTP-III were conducted for the CVs of Kerala between July 10 and 12, and July 24 and 26 at Chinmaya Gardens, Coimbatore. 23 participants in MTP II and 32 participants in MTP-III comprising Principals, Vice Principals and senior teachers with a basic understanding and experience of CVP attended the programs. Guided by Swamini Vimalananda, the CVP training team of CIRS comprising Swami Anukoolananda, Smt. Shanti Krishnamurthy and Smt. Rajeshwari conducted the training sessions. Swamini Vimalananda elaborated on the mantra of "MAD" – Making A Difference, and among other things also explained the necessity and rationale of why the CVP must become "MVP" – My Vision Program for it to be truly successful. Swami Anukoolananda shared valuable implementation tips and brought focus on the feeling of pride and gratitude that must come naturally to CV teachers as members of the Global Chinmaya Family. Smt. Shanti Krishnamurthy, CVP Director and Principal, CIRS, drew the profile picture in words of an ideal CVP Master Trainer and guided on writing a good CVP report. Smt. Rajeshwari explained the core aspects of CVP and demonstrated their essence through activities. She also explained the vision behind the 'Ghoshti' and 'Sangam' programs organized by CCMT Education Cell from time to time. Participants made presentations on topics connecting the curriculum with CVP. It was a rewarding learning experience for participants and trainers alike.