Research assignment:

Problem description:

The company [company name] aims to be [purpose company] and has the ambition to become market leader in [some years] years at [market segment name] in [name of region], with [core business company] for [type of customers]. The company is/will be* established on [creation date] and will employ [number of people] people by the time the ambition is realized. The organization StudentsInc supports new businesses to realize their growth ambitions. The company [company name] has joined StudentsInc to get support with the start and initial growth of the company.


Therefore the assignment for [name of student] from StudentsInc reads; make a Fact-based Business Design and Feasibility Analysis for the company [company name] in which the company can grow and realize the ambitions stated above. The Business Design is tested for feasibility by doing research on Feasibility (technical), Viability (financial) and Desirability (demand) of the concept. Particular attention should be paid to [competencies of their own program].