Shaishav Shiksha

A Seminar on Nursery Education157 pre-primary teachers from 61 CVs and 1 Vision School participated in Shaishav Shiksha  - A Seminar on Early Education (EE) which was conceived by Swamini Vimalananda and organised by CCMT Education Cell at CIRS, Coimbatore from the 10th to 13th May 2016. An interesting and thought provoking Ice breaking gave the delegates a good start for what was to come. Sessions on Child Psychology, EE curriculum, EE Methodologies, Chinmaya Vision Program and EE, Role of stories & games, Fine arts and Performing arts,  Present and Future trends in EE, Handling gifted and weak students,  EE Dept, Child and Brain and Spirituality and EE, were handled by experts from respective fields.

Delegates also relaxed after each day of deliberations with a Quiz, Group Games and, a dance party. At the end of the Seminar all realised the absolutely vital role of EE in the Vidyalayas, the very life of a person and the health of the society and nation. The empowered teachers promised to make a difference through an holistic approach to EE.


·        Child and Spirituality (Swamini Vimalananda)

·        Child Psychology (Smt Gayathri Elango)

·        Early Education Curriculum I (Dr Reeta)

·        CVP and Early Education: Physical & Emotional Development (Smt Gayathri Elango)

·        History, Philosophies & methodologies in Early Education (Smt Sudha Srikanth)

·        Early Education Curriculum I (Dr Reeta)

·        Early Education department (Dr Reeta)

·        Early Education for the gifted & the weak (Smt Gayathri Elango)

·        Present & Future of Early Education (Smt Sudha Srikanth)

·        CVP and Early Education (Smt Rajeshwari Satish & Smt Jyoti Roy)

·        Technology and Early Education (Smt Sudha Srikanth)

·        Stories and Games in EE (Ms. Dimple Chhotai)

·        Role of Fine Arts and Performing Arts in Early Education (Ms. Dimple Chhotai)

·        Child and Brain (Dr. Sweta Adatia)