Angla Goshti

An Seminar on English

Angla Goshti – A Seminar on English was conducted by CCMT Education Cell from Dec. 7th to 11th  Dec, 2015, at CIRS, Coimbatore. 112 delegates from 47 CVs and 7 Vision Schools participated in the event. The Seminar dealt with various topics like History of English, Etymology, English and Critical Thinking, Reading Proficiency, Creativity and Appreciation of English, Communication Skills in English, English for High and Low Achievers, Careers in English, Integration of English with other subjects, Language & Brain, English & CVP and English Evaluation. 

  The faculty consisted of luminaries like Prof Prema Pandurang, Sri C P Vishwanath, Co-founder of Karadi Tales and many other experts. Swamini Vimalananda gave inspiring talks on Language & Spirituality. There were also fun-filled informal sessions like English Games, Quiz and an evening of dance and music when the CV English fraternity got a chance to bond. Overall, the seminar was efficient, effective and inspiring.